Support for Emerging Leaders

Leaders who are new to management or are making a significant professional advancement are in particularly vulnerable positions, and organizations are often not able to support them to the extent they would like to.  Often nonprofits hire and promote people based on their connection and understanding of the organizational missions, and excellent nonprofit management is ‘learned along the way’.  Emerging leaders are acutely aware that their teams need to feel a sense of trust in them, and organizations are counting on their leaders to achieve tough goals.  Additional targeted support at this time can greatly ease the experience for new leaders, while enhancing their skills and understanding of their role.  Organizations want their emerging leaders to succeed and understand that a skilled management team is an investment in long term sustainability.  Good teams do great work. 

Emerging Leader Coaching:  We meet privately with the new leader on a regular basis, ranging from weekly to monthly.  Our work focuses on the following:

  • Skill Development
  • Role Expectations
  • Developing a Position Goal Plan
  • Exploring the Specific Challenges of the Role
  • Managing Relationships Across the Organization  

On Call Support: In addition to regular meetings, many organizations find it helpful to have an ‘on call’ approach for when leaders find themselves particularly in need of support.  We can schedule support calls with our clients within 24 hours. 

Team Building:  We often hold one meeting with the emerging leader’s team without them present to assess team strengths and challenges, and increase our ability to help the leader successfully manage the team sustainably.  This is often followed by one to three meetings with the full team to explore team dynamics and set team goals. 

Team Development:  Often the assessment and engagment process reveals key areas of skill development that would support the long term success of the team.  We work with the team to explore their long term needs and help craft a plan to increase long term team wellness and sustainability. 

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