Our Approach

Our bottom line isn’t money, it’s people.  Strategies that put people first require a very different approach than traditional business models, and lessons from private industry can only take us so far.  We focus on the inherent strengths of organizations committed to doing good in the world, and help them establish sustainable structures employing those strengths to maximize their impact.  We combine established tools from the public, private, and non profit sectors, emerging best practices, and our own expertise to tailor plans that empower our clients to do good, better.

Our Goals

  • Organizations will improve what they do and how they do it
  • Workplaces will support the wellness and longevity of balanced, effective teams
  • Services will be more accessible and supportive to those that need them most

Our Strategies

  • We create clear, individualized strategies to tackle complex and challenging organizational problems through training, coaching and technical assistance
  • We develop organizational structures and personnel supports to promote workplace efficiency, resilience, and wellness
  • We design person-centered programs and effective implementation strategies

Our Clients

We focus on non-profit, philanthropic, and government organizations at the local, state and national level.  We have particular expertise in the San Francisco Bay Area and the state of California.

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