Service Packages

Support for Emerging Leaders

One of the most precarious situations encountered by nonprofits is leadership transition.  This can be a ‘make or break’ point for both leaders and teams and the results greatly impact service delivery.  New teams can flourish or crumble, and a few specific and effective supports can greatly increase the chances of long-term success.

Options within our Support for Emerging Leaders Services include: 

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Pay Scale Analysis

Money is often the root of all headaches in the nonprofit world.  Figuring out the right pay for the right job is a complicated process, and even more complicated to try to communicate to teams.  There are few things that demonstrate an organization’s commitment to their personnel more than compensating them fairly, and having a transparent process for expectations. 

Options within our Pay Scale Analysis Service include: 

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Collaborative Budget Process Facilitation

Intentional development and communication practices around organizational finances take a complicated, murky process and transform it to maximize organizational success.  This practice cultivates strong, informed teams and effective, efficient service delivery.  It’s worth the time and investment to turn budget season from a tiresome task into a powerful tool to help us do good, better.

Options within our Collaborative Budget Process Facilitation Service Package include:

  • Process and Goal Setting
  • Facilitated Working Meetings with Key Personnel
  • Development of Communication Materials
  • Financial Communications Coaching
  • Technical Assistance 
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