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We work with you to examine organizational needs and create a tailored action plan.

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Impactful Leaders: Training, coaching & support with an emphasis on collaborative and intentional leadership practices

Empowered Teams: Training and facilitated group processes to enhance effectivness, communication and morale

Human Centered Systems: Create processes that prioritize the needs of both service recipients and personnel

Service Package Examples

Team Tune Up

We engage in a facilitated group process with teams on a short-term basis (usually 1-3 sessions) to improve effectiveness, communication and morale.

Common components to our Team Tune Up service:

  • Managing Relationships: Up, Down and Sideways
  • Effective Collaboration Across Work Styles
  • Exploring Role Expectations and Common Challenges
  • Difficult Conversations in the Workplace
  • Orienting Towards Mission and Vision
  • Establishing Team Norms and Personal Commitments
  • Embracing New Patterns
  • Growing Past Conflict
  • Effective Team Meetings
  • Team Lead Accountability Systems

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Support for Emerging Leaders

Leadership transition can be a ‘make or break’ point for programs and teams. Targeted support can turn great people into exceptional leaders.

  • Emerging Leader Coaching
  • On Call Support
  • Team Building
  • Team Development

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Pay Scale Strategies

Equitable and transparent compensation practices are now the expectation of quality personnel. We can help you get there.

  • Pay Scale Report
  • Pay Scale Adjustment Planning
  • Pay Scale Communication Tools

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Collaborative Budget Process Facilitation

It’s worth the time and investment to turn budgeting into a powerful tool to help you do good, better.

  • Process and Goal Setting
  • Facilitated Working Meetings with Key Personnel
  • Development of Communication Materials
  • Financial Communications Coaching
  • Technical Assistance 

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